Scotty Nguyen – A Poker Legend


Born as Thuan Nguyen at October 28, 1962 at Nha Trang Vietnam, Scotty’s lifetime is reminiscent of tens of thousands of other young kids from the 70s. This was the time once the communists had a firm foothold on Vietnam and refugees out of this country were spread all over the world – from various Asian states to the United States.

Scotty pkv games certainly one among those fortunate ones as when he was 14, he’d the occasion to flee his native country for the United States. He initially lived in Chicago but moved into California and spent his growing up years . Though Asians are stereotyped into being very diligent students and being a portion of the smart group in school, Scotty did not really belong to that stereotype. Instead, he focused more about figuring out how to play that intriguing game named poker as opposed to his schoolwork.

Quite obviously, his ancient efforts reduced because he’s currently recognized as among the very most famous poker players of the period. Not only that, he’s gained the admiration and respect of their poker community on the other side of the planet. As though that weren’t enough, some say this Scotty Nguyen is one of the very moneyed poker players as well! Along with his activeness from the poker world – up into the current – that comes as no surprise. Even as recent as January of the past year, Scotty won a World Poker Tour event. It is said the this calendar year, Scotty has won over $6.7 million. Enough said.

Here is a listing of his own accomplishments at Length:

World Series of Poker bracelets:

* 1997 $2000 Omaha Eight or Better – $156,950 Prize

World Poker Tour Achievements:

* Inch World Poker Tour Title

* 5 final tables
* 10 money endings
Other names:

* Omaha Hi-Lo Event in 1997 World Series of Poker

* Pot-Limit Omaha Event in 2001 World Series of Poker
* Two World Poker Open Titles at Foxwoods
* Limit Hold’em and Seven Card Stud Events at 2003 Legends of Poker
* Omaha Hi-Lo and Seven Card Stud Events at 2003 Festa al Lago
Scotty’s style is a blend of easygoing and competitive playwith. He seems to be relaxed when at the tables however opponents know better than to take that for granted as he can be very a competitive player and take their money home.

Just like many other players that are professional, Scotty also dabbles in other games such as blackjack. However, he’s known for his”You call this one and it’s all over, baby?” At the WSOP Finals at 1998. He was perfect. His opponent phoned – thinking that the full house on the table would provide him the win – and lost into Scotty’s 9 on his hands.

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