Poker Training Network Review – Network Marketing Successful Business?

The other day I was netsurfing when I stumbled upon something I recognized as a great basis for a network marketing company.

Poker Training Network: The Concept

I don’t have a taste for gambling, despite my interest in poker from a few years ago. I finally decided it is not for me… too many highs and lows on my financial state and I prefer to focus on other scientific and stable ways to make money.

That being said, the Poker Training Network is anything but gambling. Combining poker learning with an MLM business opportunity can prove to be a very profitable match and attract many people.

The Poker Training Network Pay Plan

Becoming affiliated with the Poker Training Network requires an initial payment of $49.95 and a $19.95 monthly subscription afterwards. Occasionally there are promotional campaigns when the initial fee is lifted.

You will qualify for obtaining commissions after you’ve activated your Business Center, which is achieved by collecting 50 CV from sales every month. As an example, the $39.95 All-In Package that contains 60 hours of lessons, access to the All-In Gameroom and many more helpful tools for any poker player is corresponding to exactly 50 CV situs judi qq online terpercaya.

The Poker Training Network offers various chances for profit. Retail commissions are awarded for every purchase of your direct affiliates, but there are also team commissions (monthly residual income) and a range of bonuses to be earned, including the fabulous luxury car bonus.

Team commissions can be earned by those who build at least two legs of their business, each leg amassing a minimum of 200 GV, and they consist of 10% of the lesser leg’s commission.

So are you sure this Poker Training Network is not a scam?

In my opinion, the Poker Training Network is a perfectly legitimate business opportunity. The big problem when it comes to becoming really successful in network marketing is to learn how to sponsor more reps into your business.

There is no other way to build a solid MLM team than to learn and master the power of leadership. An overwhelming 97% of network marketers struggle in this industry not for a lack of skills, but for the lack of a well thought-out plan to succeed and a leader to look up to.

The same goes for the Poker Training Network. It is a good chance at network marketing superstardom, but that can only be achieved with the help of an accomplished attraction marketing mentor and the will to invest enough time and effort into learning from that mentor.

Can I rely on internet marketing to expand my Poker Training Network business?

In fact, the offline way of doing MLM is the one to blame for the better part of fiascoes. This is happening because people are tired of chasing their friends and family and constantly pitching their business opportunity to everyone.

There’s got to be a better, more practical way. The extraordinary potential of a business like Poker Training Network can be maximized by making it known to millions of internet surfers all over the globe. Studying and employing some essential internet prospecting techniques will take you further than you could ever have imagined.

Many prolific marketing leaders came out of the blue and reached six to seven figure earnings within the year.

That doesn’t mean it’s quick and simple, and many people who gave up at some stage can testify to that. This is what makes leaders stand out in the crowd. Leaders can tell when a plan is set for success and they are prepared to follow through with confidence and dedication.

Please remember that internet marketing success is achievable within half a year provided you know where to search for proper guidance.

Making your own website, starting to get leads and creating buzz around you is not that hard but it can be very disorienting if you don’t know the first steps.

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