What Makes a Good Poker Player?


Aside from having the skills, a good poker player knows how to think and employ both tactical and strategic profile of any potential opponent. He knows how to do it and when to do it. Bluffing, as one of the poker players’ strategies, perfected the need. Knowing other players without the bluff you can afford. Someone else is bluffing as well. Remember how each player reacts when another bluffs. But more importantly, do not let your ego take hold of your hand. Do not let it control you.

Here are some pointers to make you a good poker player. If you’re already well versed with poker, these should already be familiar to you situs casino.

1. Choose your game carefully. Every game on Do Not Play is available. Choose a strategic location on the table where you can sit and watch what your opponent’s every move. Observe how they are betting and their particular body language. Be careful though. Your opponent is doing what you may be doing. If you are watching them, keep in mind that they are watching you as well.

2. Bluffing someone when they know it’s so easy. It’s not clear if your opponent’s eyes are bluffing or not. Eyes may be the amateur poker players for windows but it’s only true. They are bluffing or not if they say it is the way it is. Intimidating, loud and cheeky behaviors are often used as defense mechanisms. It is a player that is utilized to cover up and compensate for his hand and needs. On the contrary, players with the winning hand are usually the ones who have the least confidence, shakes their head and sigh. Abrupt movements on the table should also be observed with a strong hand with the players. They can’t resist the urge.

3. What do you do with your shoulders and other players with a clue what you are holding. Don’t miss your hand when you drop your hand. More importantly, don’t let it tense when you have a weak hand. If you’ve spotted your card, don’t give your shoulders away. Avoid staring at your Aces or Kings. If you have seasoned opponents, they already know that you are in for the win.

4. Keep your body language discreet. Sigh after, and not during, the game. Try not to breathe too much and it can be a sign that you are getting excited or becoming restless. If you have your hands on a probable winning streak, don’t strike up a conversation with everyone on the table. You’ll seem too confident. A poker pro will spot that easily. People have a good hand and can’t wait until they have a shaky hand, so watch out for yours. If you’ve been caught bluffing, don’t use the same tactic the next time. Your next game may not be the same opponents but poker players talk.

5. One thing about a good poker player is consistency. Knowing how to read betting patterns is one of the characteristics of a good poker player. You need to be aware of how long it takes for a player to make a bet and how to make his bet changes, and you have to make a good guess on the cards.

6. Lastly, a good poker player is never content with his game technique. He has never had too many complaints with the skills. A good poker player consistently aims to improve his skills, tactics and techniques. One way to improve one’s poker player’s craft is by joining forums online that you can discuss how to improve one’s game. Fuse what you learn online with what you have and you’re on your way to being a good poker player. Don’t forget to practice. It’s the only way for you to perfect your trade.

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